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More Green Please

The salon is more green now that ever! (and I don't mean I've added more plants- although that's not a bad guess.) If you follow me on social you possibly saw my post about becoming a member of Green Circle Salons.

If you didn't see the post it means I can now send my uncommon "items" to be recycled! Hair clippings, used color foils, empty tubes that the color comes in-all of those can't be recycled in your every day recycling center.

Foils and color tubes are melted down and can be used to make new car and bicycle parts. Hair clippings have lots of life after they're swept up. They can be turned into a bio-compost plastic and are also used to research and develop new environmental technology like insulation and stormwater filtration.

Being a member of Green Circle Salons has always been a goal of mine and I'm proud to be the only salon in Lincoln participating in the program! There are only 3 other salons in the entire state doing this as well.

According to the amount of clients I see it is estimated that I am saving: 110 pounds of metal and 130 pounds of hair from going into a landfill every year! (although with all the major hair chops I've been doing lately the hair poundage is higher I'm sure!) I'm happy to be making the world a better place for my dogs (yes, I needed an excuse to put a picture of them up).......and of course for everyone else as well. :)

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