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Scalp Care

A trend that has been going on for awhile now is not washing your hair daily. In fact, sometimes the longer you go between washes the better! There is no perfect formula for hair washing. If your hair is visibly oily, your scalp is itchy or there are flakes due to product buildup- it's time to wash your hair. If you feel these are happening every day you might not be using the right product or your scalp may need some balancing.

What are the ways you can ensure your scalp ph is balanced and not bothering you? Check out my tips below.

  1. Shampoo your hair twice. Have you ever noticed when you wash your hair that the shampoo doesn't suds up very much? Oil and dirt suppress the amount of lather you get out of a shampoo. Has it been 2+ days since your last wash? Give your hair a second shampoo and you'll notice more lather the second time which will in turn make sure the dirt and oil is all removed not only from the hair, but from your scalp as well.

  2. Add a scalp scrub in to your routine. A weekly scalp treatment with Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub will not only make your shower more spa like with its peppermint aroma but you'll notice a difference in your scalp instantly after use. Hawaiian Red salt mixed with rich volcanic clay clarify the scalp while gently exfoliating and removing any impurities. This scrub will stimulate blood flow, relieve itchy spots while decreasing excessive oil production.

  3. Use an over night scalp treatment like I-N Soothe-Sayer Bi-Phase Scalp Treatment. Apply in the evening, wash out and style in the morning. This treatment calms, strengthens balances and restores the skin’s protective barrier. Visibly reduce dry patches/scale build up, and balance sebum production, a healthy scalp = healthy hair.

  4. Talk to your stylist about the scalp issues you are having. Your issues could be you aren't washing your hair enough, you have an allergy to a product you are using or you're using the wrong kind of product!

  5. Still having issues after troubleshooting your scalp with your stylist and the above products? It might be time to see a dermatologist to see what they recommend for treatment.

Nobody wants to think about their scalp or be annoyed by it. A little extra TLC can ensure you aren't bothered daily. Check out the above products at your next appointment!

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