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Extend those Wash Days!

It is a busy time of year but let's face it, when is it not busy? While it might not be the last thing on your to do list, washing and styling your hair daily probably doesn't fall in the top 10 things you want to spend a long amount of time on.

I am here to help you save some of that precious time with a few styling tips and tricks that will make your life a little easier and your hair look just a little bit better- because who doesn't love a good hair day?

Cue everyone's favorite hair helper: Dry Shampoo! Sure, you've heard of it but do you know how it works and the best way to use it? Onesta Refresh Dry Shampoo uses natural tapioca and rice to help absorb excess oil and buildup. The lightweight formula will add a slight texture to the hair helping put volume back in to your roots. After spraying in to hair, brush through to distribute.

Now if you are saying "Ok Afton, I've used dry shampoo and my hair is still oily" let me ask you this. When are you applying and how are you applying it? A few sprays in the morning is great but we can't expect a day (or more) of oil to be instantly gone with a spray and a prayer. (Although that would be nice....)

Apply your dry shampoo BEFORE YOU GO TO BED. You might have heard me say it before but it's worth repeating. Spray throughout your hair in the evening (but focus on the roots), brush it through and then sleep. Adding the product BEFORE you go to bed gives it the entire night to work and absorb oils! A bit more spray in the morning and some light styling after will be a game changer for you!

While we would all LOVE to wake up with perfect hair-that's not usually in the cards. (Although the closest way you will have that is with a satin pillowcase) With the proper products *ahem* thermal protectant you should do a little heat styling on your hair in the morning but that doesn't always mean flat iron or curling iron. Sure, those work but what if you want a more smooth and voluminous look and a flat iron would be too straight and curls too curly? Bring out your blow dryer and round brush. You read right and I haven't forgotten that you didn't wash your hair. Remember the days of heating up curlers, putting them in your hair and leaving them until cool, then taking out? Think of your brush and dryer as a modern version of that. The heat from the blow dryer with the round brush is less heat than a hot iron and a softer look than curlers or a curling iron. A simple and quick brush through the ends while "drying" and a bump at the roots for some lift will do wonders- even if your hair is already dry. Again, please remember the thermal protectant- my favorite is Onesta Luma Oil. Heat and hot tools can really fry your hair if used improperly and without protection.

If any of this is too confusing feel free to ask me questions at your next appointment! Tried all of this and still feel like your hair is oily? Be sure to read my post on Scalp Care to see if that helps.

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