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Frequently Asked Questions

To keep the salon​ peaceful and to devote all my attention to my current client during their services, I do not accept phone calls.  The fastest way to contact me is via email.

What is your phone number?
What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, checks, credit cards and venmo are all accepted.

I need to buy products but I don't have an appointment.  Can I come shop?

Of course!  Feel free to send me a message that you plan to stop in, but it's not necessary.  Just note it may take me a couple of minutes to step away from the service I am doing to ring you up.  You also have to option to shop online!  Shop Now

Do you do kids cuts?

I do cut kids hair, although there is no discounted price because of age.  

To schedule you would select either Chic Cut $55 or Chop-Chop $40.  *Please note children under the age of 10 are usually unable to fit in the shampoo bowl properly and would only be availabe for the Chop-Chop service.  Please also read about mens cuts below before booking.

Do you do mens cuts?

I do cut mens hair if it is long. I do not do barber style haircuts.  (If clippers need to be used I am not the right fit for you.) To schedule you would select either Chic Cut $55 or Chop-Chop $40.

Do you do vivid colors? (ex. purple, blue, silver, etc.)

Vivid hair colors are done on a case by case basis.  Please send me a message explaining what you are looking for and have some inspiration and current photos of your hair ready to send me.  After we talk a custom appointment time will be made for you to schedule.

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